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We are starting to see the enforcement of the latest Letting regulations. It’s more important than ever to stay on top of your paperwork.

There can be no excuses for "forgetting" something like a Gas Safety Certificate has expired (even for a Housing Association )

A South Wales landlord has recently been hit with a bill of £5,570 for breaching Rent Smart Wales licensing requirements.

Meanwhile, following a complaint from a tenant, a Landlord was fined for not having a valid Gas Safety Certificate

That’s where Sorbet steps in. Not only do we have plenty of reports, alerts and notifications that warn you of upcoming expiries, but by default we will automatically inform the landlord that the certificate is due and instruct your favourite contractor to renew the certificate - all without you lifting a finger!

Sorbet will even automatically send a copy of the completed certificate to the tenant. This facility would have stopped a recent case of fraud in South Wales.

A contractor working for a letting agent in Swansea was submitting certificates without ever visiting the property.

If the agent had used a system that automatically emailed the certificate to the tenants they would have picked up the fraud earlier

Sorbet is built to help you and your customers stay on the right side of the regulations. By default, Sorbet will automatically do all the work to ensure you are compliant whilst providing an audit trial of the work carried out.

If you override the defaults, then the alerts and notification are built in to inform you when there is a risk of you not being compliant.

Try Sorbet now for 6 months free!

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